16oh is a label that started in 2004ish as a product of Jeffry and Jason. It is now a product of Jeffry and Crucial John. It has and will remain a steady money pit with the intention of releasing music to the world that would not otherwise be heard.

We put out some records in the past, these are what they are:
16oh-001 Sidetracked - Just A Front 7" (OOP)
16oh-002 Take Hold - S/T 7" (OOP, I guess)
16oh-003 Find Him And Kill Him - Cut Them To Pieces LP (OOP)
16oh-004 ANS/Deadpoint - Split 7" (OOP)
16oh-005 Sidetracked - One Lane Road Ahead CD (OOP)
16oh-006 Neighborhood Threat - The Nomad Sessions 7"
16CBASS-666 ANS - The Process Of Stoking Out LP (OOP)
16oh-007 Fever - S.E.S. EP 7" (OOP)
16oh-008 Judas - Demo 7" (OOP)
16oh-009 Bookburner - S/T 7" (Currently OOP, maybe a repress?)
16oh-010 In Disgust - Reality Choke 10"
16oh-011 St. Dad - LP (pressing)
16oh-012 Sidetracked/Dead Radical - Split LP (OOP)
16oh-013 Last Priest - S/T LP (OOP)
16oh-016 Sidetracked - Hustle Tape
16oh-017 Loser Life - I Have Ghosts And I Have Ghosts LP (OOP)
16oh-018 The Scam - Sic World LP (pressing)
16oh-019 Sojourner - Artifice 7" (OOP)
16oh-020 SLICES - S/T 7"
16oh-021 Lewd Acts - Lung Patrol 7" (OOP)
16oh-022 Sojourner - The Narrows LP (someday)
16oh-023 Swann Danger - Burn 7" (tests approved, artwork in progress)
16oh-024 Sick Plot - S/T 7"
16oh-025 Sleepies - Hot Singles 7" (upcoming)
16oh-026 Passive Aggressor - S/T 7"
16oh-027 Sleepies - Weird Wild World LP
16oh-028 Grudges - S/T 7"
16oh-030 Acid Problem - S/T 12"


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